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Climate and Energy Policy Reviews for Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil

A policy review was undertaken as a basis for the modelling exercise in the CLIMACAP/LAMP projects. It primarily informed the development of the different scenarios and calibration of the models. The different country overviews were undertaken by respective national teams.  It is reproduced here as a reference to other Latin American and global modelling teams that may undertake similar exercises in future.

Overview of country level data collection in the CLIMACAP project

The data collection process carried out in each country in the context of this project is described in this overview, both for historical data and for the projection of the drivers to be used in the models. The raw data is also shared in this file.

CLIMACAP policy reviews Data Collection Process report

CLIMACAP-LAMP policy briefs

2 page policy briefs for each of the articles published in the special issue on Latin America in Energy Economics

Brazil Argentina Baselines

CLIMACAP database

The data produced by all of the different models involved in the CLIMACAP-LAMP projects is available on a IIASA database.

CLIMACAP-LAMP database Land use Brazil / Mexico Mexico Colombia Technology Investments Macroeconomics Climate policy