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Energy research Centre of the Netherlands


The TIAM-ECN model is a global bottom-up linear optimization energy system model that simulates the development of the global energy system, from resource extraction to final use of energy over typically a time frame of 100 years.


Central and South America is currently modeled as one single region. Mexico is already represented as a single region in the model.


See http://www.ecn.nl/units/ps/models-and-tools/tiam-ecn/ for more details about this model.


Specific model improvements in this project will include:


• Disaggregation of the region ‘Central and South America’ (currently considered as a single region) to Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and rest of Latin-America.


• Update and enhancement of the model’s data sets on the Latin-American energy systems and energy and climate policies.


• Revise and improve the model representation of the energy trade linkages of the Latin-American countries with other world regions.


• Emission reduction potentials related to LULUCF emissions are currently rather stylized represented in the model. It is aimed to include more detailed marginal abatement cost curves for this GHG avoidance options for the respective regions and if possible the feedback from climate change land-use.


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