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E3MG is an integrated global energy-environment-economy model. It is used to assess the long and short-term interactions between the economy, the energy system and environmental policy.


In Latin-America, the E3MG model currently only explicitly models Brazil and Mexico.


See http://www.e3mgmodel.com for more information about the model.


Specific model improvements in this project will include:


• Assuming sufficient available data, we will extend the model to also cover explicitly:

   o Argentina

   o Colombia

The possibility to include a small number of other countries will be investigated. The remaining countries in Latin America will be grouped so that, although they are not treated individually (the data would not support this), totals for the region as a whole may be determined.


• Extend the modelling framework to account for abatement measures in LULUCF based on the analysis and data collection work done in WP2.

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